Aeolian Island Tour

Board at Lipari the biggest of the Islands, bustling with life, activity, shops but also with the contrast of naturally beautiful scenery. A few miles sailing and youíll be able to make out Vulcano in the distance, with itís boiling water, mud baths and fine black sand beaches. Another short stretch of sea and the scenery changes completely. Salina with itís fragrant Malvasia grape vines, suspended in tranquility and welcoming atmosphere. If you have the urge to escape you can always opt for a short return sail in the fresh breeze passing picturesque and chic Panarea and spectacular and sophisticated Stromboli where sparks and flaring rocks shower itís sides, only visible at night. If you have the need to escape the madness thereís Filicudi with its uncontaminated sea-bed and further still Alicudi, surrounded by beautiful sea, where the only method of transport possible is the donkey. 


Oasis Tour

Board at the unchanged natural port of Siracusa, where the first Greeks disembarked. The traces of their journey are still strongly evident; the splendid greek theatre, temples and urban systems. Set sail a few hours south to discover the Capo Muro di Porco reserve, the white sands of Fontane Bianche and Noto Marina, the natural oasis at Vendicari and Marzamemi. Anchor in a welcoming marina, where you'll find fishing village life, visit the antique "tonnara" (place where tuna fish are killed) and taste fresh fish cooked in the traditional method. Continuing south you'll discover Capo Passero and the Isola delle Correnti, some more authentic treasures of our land. And if you don't mind doing a longer trip you can "hop"over to Malta with its natural harbour and fascinating bastion. (photo CAPO PASSERO)



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